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Part Number # HK928
Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-1999 Hose Kit for a Motor Swap. This is a complete hose kit to make all three a/c lines on a 1997-1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ. The kit...


Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-1999 Hose Kit for a Motor Swap. This is a complete hose kit to make all three a/c lines on a 1997-1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ. The kit includes a pad mount accumulator which is shorter than the factory springlock accumulator drier and works better on motor swaps and it includes the pad adapters for the accumulator. This is a customizable product and there are many variations. The base charge is for the hose that is provided, the accumulator with pad adapter fittings and the accumulator brackets. The remainder is dependent upon your selections in the drop down menus. You will make selections for the compressor adapters needed for your compressor and the fitting connections for all three lines. If you don't need all three lines you can select none for the connections not needed. 

  • Discharge Hose (5' of #8 13/32") Compressor to Condenser
  • Liquid Line (6' of #6, 5/16") Condenser to Evaporator
  • Suction Hose (5 ' of #10 1/2") Accumulator to Compressor 

You will receive enough feet of each hose to be able to route them and have them crimped locally. 

Orifice Tube: The factory Jeep hose had the orifice tube in the liquid line that runs from condenser to evaporator. If you are reusing that line you can skip those selections. If you are making that line you have two options:

  • Straight Custom Condenser Outlet Fitting that has the orifice tube inside (This is found in the Condenser Outlet drop down)
  • Add an inline orifice tube holder to your liquid line that will hold the orifice tube (Last option to add in the builder, you can see a picture of it if you look up sku: Custom28)

You will need to have a low side service port to charge the system. It can be put on the fitting that connects to the suction side of the compressor or on the accumulator outlet fitting.  You will need to place your high side service port on the high side compressor fitting or on an inline splicer in the compressor to condenser line or condenser to evaporator line.  If you need to add a high pressure switch port to your discharge or liquid line you have a couple of options for placement: (All of these options will accept the factory Jeep Switch, if you need those as well we have those available for purchase)                                  

  • 90 Degree Fitting in the Compressor to Condenser Hose (Available at compressor end or condenser end)
  • Inline Splicer in the Compressor to Condenser Hose
  • Inline Splicer in the Condenser to Evaporator Hose

If your compressor has a port in the back for the high pressure switch (examples, R4, Denso 10S17F, 1020F) we have those switches available in the Switches category. 

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